The Cognitive Control Lab

Dr. Ben Parris


As Project Partner:

Optimizing the Insights to Cognitive Abilities in Young and Elderly: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Investigation of Age-related Differences in Distinct Components of Stroop Interference, Agencie Nationale de le Richerche, 2019, £203,458.

As PI:

Effortless control? Using pupillometry to assess effort expended to achieve a remarkable reduction in Stroop interference following a post-hypnotic suggestion for word blindness, British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grants Scheme, 2019, £7511.

Top-down vs. bottom-up accounts of the response set effect in the Stroop task, Experimental Psychology Society Small Grant, 2017, £2500.

Effects of anxiety on sustained attention in an oculomotor Stroop task, Nuffield Foundation, 2011, £1500.

The influence of different task instructions and priming on antisaccade performance in healthy young and healthy older adults, Nuffield Foundation, 2011, £1500.

As Co-I:

Pain in early labour; developing support for women in the latent phase of labour, Matched-funded PhD studentship with Dorset County NHS Foundation Trust (DCH), 2018. With Prof. Vanora Hundley and Associate Professor Carol Clarke.

Response conflict vs. response inhibition impairments in ADHD, Welcome Trust Summer Internship Programme, 2016, £2000. With Associate Professor Peter Hills and Dr. Gizem Arabaci.